COVID19 updates

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

 Our Commitment to Safety

We have implemented extra precautions at Northland facilities, retail stores and home visits including:

·         Following the CDC’s recommendation for frequent handwashing.  Including posting signs as a reminder.

·         Asking employees to wear gloves during installations and repairs, front counter transactions, and while handling customer equipment.

·         Regularly sanitizing the computer keyboards, countertops, door handles, pens, and credit card machines at our locations.

·         Quarantining and sanitizing our returned equipment.

·         Encouraging the practice of social distancing in our offices and in customer homes and locations.


Our Commitment to Our Customers and Community

We also have joined FCC Chairman Pai in a pledge to “Keep Americans Connected,” and will work with our residential and small business customers who are financially impacted by COVID-19 to keep them connected to their Internet and Phone service. We are working with local leaders to help support keeping communities connected and also invite residents in need to use WiFi in the proximity of our local offices.


Click here to locate the free WiFi Hotspot near you.


Our Commitment to Keeping You Connected

Our networks are built to keep you connected; our engineers work 24/7 to ensure our network reliability and performance can support the increased connectivity. We are built for shift in ‘peak’ usage time and the additional requirements to accommodate your online needs for school, work, online health visits, and entertainment. 

We also provide easy ways to connect with us from the comfort of your home:

·         Manage your account or pay your bill online at

·         For service-related questions or issues or to reschedule an appointment

o    Visit to chat with one of our live agents

o    Use our self-help center

o    Connect with us on Facebook

o    Call us at 888.667.8452


How You Can Help

We encourage you to interact with us online and over the phone where we can serve you and meet all of your needs. If you do need to visit us in person, we ask that you join us in using precautions when entering our stores and facilities. If you or a member of your family are not feeling well, please come back when you are feeling better or reach out to us through one of the above channels.


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