Northland regularly negotiates with networks so that we may continue to offer their programming. As your local TV provider, we are on your side in the fight against excessive network fees, and we will continue to fight to protect you from these unreasonable fee increases.

Many customers would prefer to pay for only the networks that they want to watch. This is something that cable TV providers would like to offer. Unfortunately, the powerful programmers have the upper hand in how we can package their networks. Since just five multi-billion-dollar corporations control about 90% of existing TV Networks, they won’t let you have their most-popular channels unless you pay for the less-popular ones too.

So why won’t we pay? We offer hundreds of channels and if we agreed to pay each network what they asked, even if it was a small increase, it would have a significant impact on your monthly bill. Rate increases are inevitable, but we don’t agree with placing an excessive burden on our customers for unreasonable network price increases.