Cable TV

Scanning for QAM Channels

What are QAM channels? When connected directly to an active cable outlet in your home, a digital television with a built-in QAM tuner will allow you to receive unencrypted (“in the clear”) digital channels without the use of a cable box. Channel availability varies by area and will generally include your local broadcast channels and […]

Setting Parental Controls

Northland’s HD DVR provides Parental controls to help you manage the programming that is available to your children. Setting parental controls is quick and easy. Click the image below to view instructions.

The Simple Truth About Programming Costs

Northland regularly negotiates with networks so that we may continue to offer their programming. As your local TV provider, we are on your side in the fight against excessive network fees, and we will continue to fight to protect you from these unreasonable fee increases. Many customers would prefer to pay for only the networks […]

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